Wireless switches, what they are and how they work

Wireless switches, what they are and how they work

Switches, sockets, but also USB chargers, temperature controllers and other devices, thanks to the wifi connection can be controlled remotely, via smartphone, tablet or voice assistant. The smart switches can be connected to bulbs, appliances, the heating system, the alarm system, electric windows and so on. Let’s find out what wireless switches are and how they work.

What are wireless switches

The wireless switches are devices by which a remote electric circuit is opened or closed. There are now various types of smart circuit breakers on the market: devices to be inserted in existing light points, switches, and sockets connected to a gateway or operating in complete autonomy.

In order for the wireless switches to work, a connection to the wifi internet is required.

Through the switches and other devices, which I will talk about shortly, it is possible to automate the house, completely or partially. Everything depends on the system with which the various devices communicate with each other.

Automation levels

There are different levels of automation to choose from:

  • Integration with the old electrical system through devices to be inserted in existing light points. It does not need a gateway or control unit, it works with the home wifi network and can be controlled via specific apps. This is the simplest and most economical system and allows you to automate some functions, such as the control of lights and roller shutters and automated dimming systems.
  • Wired demotic system. Technological innovation is making huge strides in this area. Until recently, the installation of a home automation system required the replacement of electrical cables, with consequent inconveniences and costs. Today it is possible to connect the devices to the existing electrical system by simply replacing the desired light points with the new switches and connecting them to the WiFi network via a control unit, usually a touchscreen device.
  • Wireless home automation. With this system, the old electrical system is abandoned to be replaced with wireless devices. The advantage of this system is its flexibility: switches and sockets can be placed wherever you want, without building works. On the other hand, this solution is less reliable than the previous ones.

Regardless of the system, the interconnection protocol must be checked. For more information, you can read up on this electronic news article.

What you can do thanks to wireless switches

Depending on the type of switch and the automation level chosen, here is all you can do by installing switches and wireless sockets:

Check and schedule

  • lighting: switching on and off, intensity (dimmer), colors (with special smart bulbs)
  • domestic appliances
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Alarm system
  • Tents, shutters, motorized gates
  • Door closing
  • Irrigation
  • Management of audio and video contents, sound diffusion

Which switch to choose

The main problem in choosing the switches is compatibility with third parties, such as smartphone software or voice speakers like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. For this reason, I suggest you read the product specifications carefully before buying it, especially if it is needed to integrate existing wireless devices. The alternative is to choose switches that belong to complete systems offered by leading companies in the sector, so as to achieve a certain aesthetic uniformity and have the possibility of integrating other devices in the future.

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