The right bedding to sleep well in the summer

Finally, the crazy spring of 2019 is about to end. Now that the heat is coming, along with the dreaded torrid nights, it’s time to pull bed linens out of the closet for the summer. After a quick check, I realize that some sheets are a little worn and that the look, in general, is a little dated. This probably happens to most of you. Perhaps the change of season is the right time to renew the look of the bedroom and to choose the right linen for the summer. The quality and type of fabric are essential for a comfortable rest, and for each season it is important to select suitable fibers and processes.

The fabrics suitable for the summer

Cotton is undoubtedly the most suitable fiber for the summer months, both for clothing and bed linen. Cotton is a natural fabric that makes the skin breathe and helps absorb sweat; softer than linen, it can be more or less light, depending on the processing.

Therefore, in our wardrobe at least 4 complete sets in light cotton, voile or percale should not be missing.

Cotton voile is a fabric with a light and veiled but strong texture. Perfect for the most sultry nights, as it is fresh and dry on contact. More consistent than Voile, percale cotton is a precious fabric: smooth and silky to the touch, it gives sensations of lightness and freshness.

My advice is to buy quality bed linen, soft and light, and at the same time resistant to numerous washes. In summer, in fact, by force of circumstances, we are forced to change sheets and pillowcases often, due to sweat.

I had already talked about the quality of the materials and the workmanship of Dramin’101, a leading Italian company in the production of goose down quilts, but perhaps I had not even presented the bed parure.

In the catalog, you can find the sheets in very light cotton voile, perfect for the hottest nights, or in percale cotton, to be completed with the matching pillowcases and the practical bottom sheet with the corners.

And since colors also influence the perception of temperature, I recommend choosing white or pastel colors like pink, blue or aqua green.

Finally, to complete the summer look of the bedroom, choose an elegant bedspread, perhaps combined with a heavier blanket, in the event of sudden temperature changes. The Dreamin’101 Gran Foulard, available in pink, gray and blue, perfectly matches the colors of the sheets: place it at the foot of the bed and your room will immediately acquire an elegant and refined atmosphere.

The Dreamin’101 cushions

The quality of the cushions is also important for a peaceful sleep. Perhaps it will seem strange to you, but to sleep well even with the heat, the best material for padding is goose down. Exactly the same that is used to stuff the duvets that keep us warm in winter. As I explained to you in this article, goose down has many qualities:

  • it has a natural thermoregulating function
  • it’s light
  • it has a thermal insulation function
  • it’s breathable
  • it is effective against allergies.

The goose feather pillows by Dreamin’101 are as soft as a cloud while still offering the right support for the head and neck. You can choose the type and weight of the padding, between the rectangular or square format, but not only. Think that the experts at Dreamin’101 have created pillows with different characteristics for each posture.

For those who sleep upside down, for example, there is the Soft cushion, padded with the right mix of soft duvet and feather, which contribute to giving more consistency.

For those who sleep instead upside down, the pillow is suitable Cloud, 100% padded with down, then very soft.

Finally, the Royal cushion, which offers all the softness of the goose down and maximum comfort for all types of posture, thanks to the internal heart padded with feathers.

Dreamin’101 is a brand of Minardi Piume, a company with over one hundred years of experience in the production and processing of goose down. The company is a member of EDFA (European Down and Feather Association), which protects the interests of consumers, but also of animals. This ensures that no feather is taken from live animals and that the raw material is a by-product of the food industry.

Interesting the pricing policy pursued by the company, which aims to reduce costs thanks to internal production and direct distribution through the online shop.

If you are curious, here is the link to the Dreamin’101 site and shop.

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