Suspended lamps in the bedroom

Suspended lamps in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house, dedicated to rest and relaxation. This is why lighting must be designed to make this room relaxing and welcoming.

The most current trends see hanging lamps, or chandeliers, gaining the favor of interior designers.

Let’s see how to put them in the bedroom correctly and in style.

What we need is a source of general lighting and different light points for specific areas, such as the bed area, the wardrobe, the drawer units

General lighting

Pendant lamps are perfect for ensuring general room lighting.

In the bedroom, however, you need to pay close attention to choosing the right lamp, which must match the style, the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

The chandelier for the bedroom must illuminate without dazzling, illuminate without annoying, and this is possible with homogeneous and not very intense light.

Keep in mind that in standard-sized rooms, the chandelier, if placed in the center, inevitably ends up being suspended above the bed.

For this reason, prefer chandeliers with lampshades, fabric, satin glass or metal, so that the light beam does not hit the cushion directly.

There are beautiful ones for every style, from the cylindrical ones to contemporary bedrooms, to the classic ones with armrests with small lampshades in Provencal style.

Or try an original solution by placing the chandelier in a side position. In this case, you can play with one or more large chandeliers without lampshades, such as crystal or Venetian style chandeliers.

Suspension lamps for the bedside table

The suspension lamps placed above the bedside tables are trendy and have a remarkable aesthetic impact.

The chandeliers are a valid and original alternative to the classic bedside lamps and have the advantage of keeping the bedside table free.

They can be arranged in bunches, only on one side of the bed, above the cushions, at various heights, and in different models: the suspension lamps offer countless options.

They allow you to create a pleasantly diffused light, provided you choose models with an opaque shade.

To calculate the right length of thread, sit on the edge of the bed and measure the height that corresponds to the position of your chin. In this way, you will be sure that the light beam is perfect for reading in maximum comfort.

Or you can always opt for height-adjustable models. The important thing is that the chandelier has discrete dimensions and that it harmonizes with the other lamps in the room.

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