Smart Home, touch switches

What is it? Thanks to technological research in the field of home automation and Smart Home, the civil electrical equipment sector is also adapting to offer increasingly innovative and high-performance products.

Touch technology

Do you think that Touch technology was introduced by Apple for its iPhone only in 2007: it is, therefore, a recent conquest that in a few years has revolutionized quite a few areas, especially in domestic applications. Just think of the control panels of alarm or heating systems or some latest generation appliances. Now you no longer need to press a button to get a function, but just touch a screen with your finger : this feature applied to civil electrical switches translates into the production of flat plates with built-in switch, with an essential and contemporary design that blends perfectly into the environment and contribute to increasing comfort, thanks to the integrated auxiliary functions.

The NEA Expì collection by Simon Urmet

For example, the NEA Expì series of touch switches by Simon Urmet faithfully represents the new trend in the civil series sector. The company Simon Urmet was founded by two large groups with a long history behind it: the Spanish Simon, which has been producing circuit breakers since 1916, and the Italian company Urmet, a leader in the video door entry system, security and home automation. Touch electronic touch switches represent the evolution of the Nea Expì range, a series that combines functionality, technology, and customization to a high aesthetic level, transforming a simple control element into a piece of furniture. The solutions offered by Simon Urmet are flexible and complete. In fact, the touch switches can be completed with sockets USB energy to charge mobile devices or with the ‘ innovative MULTY socket, which brings together an outlet schuko and two bypasses in a single module.

Nea Expì harmonizes perfectly with the Urmet home automation system monitors, such as video door phones and the intrusion detection system. The wide choice of colors and finishes also allows integrating the elements in any environment, adapting to any style. The heart of the Expì Touch line consists of electronic devices with blue LED backlighting. The LED always remains on to allow the command to be identified in the dark, and the luminous intensity increases as the user touch the device to signal that the command is being activated. The plate in tempered glass is supported by an external chromed frame that enhances the touch light point; the available finishes are Black Lava and Snow White. On the Simon Urmet website, you can play with the configurator to create your own light by choosing it based on the textures and colors of the walls of your home.

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