Portable or fixed design conditioners, which to choose

Summer has finally arrived and, like every year, we find ourselves dealing with the inevitable heatwave. Climate change is a well-established reality, and if we want to live in a comfortable environment even during the scorching summer months, air conditioning is the only solution.

So far we are all agreed, but which conditioner to choose? The decision is not easy since it is a considerable expense and some technical aspects must be evaluated. If we also pay attention to design, things get complicated: the traditional air conditioners, let’s face it, are not so nice to see.

Fortunately, today there are design conditioners on the market that fit perfectly into the environment and that can solve the aesthetic dilemma at any cost. Furthermore, for Smart Home fans, many models can also be controlled remotely via the App. Here are the design conditioners that I have selected for you, including LED lights, Alcantara wall coverings and split panels to hang as paintings.

Portable design conditioners

The portable air conditioner is the least demanding and expensive solution since it does not involve installation costs. However, you must provide for the provision of a hole to install the pipe that conveys the hot air to the outside, generally made in the glass or in the window frame. Before choosing the model, in addition to the price, consider consumption, performance and noise levels, which is higher than models with an external motor.

To give you an idea, the ideal noise, measured in decibels, should be around 40/45, while with values ​​over 65 db the noise can be annoying, especially at night.

On the aesthetic side, some models of air conditioners stand out for their attractive design, compactness and small size.

Be careful not to confuse portable air conditioners with so-called portable air conditioners without pipes: all air conditioners provide for the expulsion of hot air outside the room, so they are necessarily equipped with a duct connected to the outside. For air conditioners, without pipe, it would be correct to speak of air “coolers”, or slightly more advanced fans, which use water or refrigerant gas.

You have to keep in mind the fact that portable air conditioners only perform the function of cooling the rooms. If you want to air-condition your home, or manage the temperature and humidity, even in winter, you need to think about a state-of-the-art fixed conditioner.

Fixed air conditioners

Compared to portable cousins, fixed air conditioners offer a wide variety of performance, greater efficiency, and lower energy consumption. All these features justify the greater investment that this choice entails. My suggestion is to get several estimates for air conditioners from qualified and experienced installers before making any decisions.

This category includes air conditioners with outdoor units in the split and multi-split models, and air conditioners without an outdoor unit, or built-in monoblock.

Given that the split is permanently fixed to the wall, in recent years the manufacturers have competed to present carefully designed split models, aware that the public is increasingly sensitive to aesthetics. Forget the old anonymous and bulky parallelepipeds: the new generation fixed air conditioners, besides being very efficient, are controlled with smart devices and are real furnishing accessories.

With this post, I hope to have given you some useful suggestions to choose the design conditioner that is right for you.

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