Perfect wardrobe, the golden rules

Perfect wardrobe, the golden rules

A well-organized wardrobe allows us to properly store our clothes, shoes, and accessories. Moreover, it helps us to buy time and choose the right outfit. There is nothing worse than a messy closet, wrinkled and randomly shuffled clothes. If it also happens to you to frantically search for an unobtainable garment and to dress up as it happens, this post is for you.

The perfect walk-in closet

The perfect wardrobe starts with a perfect wardrobe. The dream of all women, probably, is to own a walk-in closet like that of Carrie Bradshaw in the successful serial “Sex and the city”.

To begin with, keep in mind that to get a dressing you don’t need to live in a huge house. For a linearly organized equipped wall, 120 cm x 200 cm is sufficient, for the L-shaped layout, calculate about 130 cm x 150 cm, while the U-shaped cabin, obviously more spacious, requires at least 160 cm x 200 cm.

Compared to the classic wardrobe, the walk-in closet can be used at full height, and if designed with criteria it costs much less than a custom wardrobe.

To build it, plasterboard walls are used, a versatile material that can also be used for partitions inside the cabin, such as uprights and shelves. In this regard, I advise you to read my article on how to restructure with the plasterboard.

The access door can be a normal door, or sliding, depending on the space and the tastes, while a choice of great trend is that of the transparent wall.

And then there are the walk-in closets, one of the most recent innovations. In practice, it is a question of an open wardrobe, free-standing or leaning against the wall. In this case, you save on the costs of the walls, but you will be obliged to keep everything strictly in order.

As for the interior fittings, today there are products on the market for every need and budget. Starting from Ikea, which has complete systems in the catalog at an affordable price, up to design companies offering sophisticated products, the choice is very wide.

The important thing is to furnish the space in a rational way. To do this, calculate how many chests of drawers, shelves, cardholders and sticks. Very useful tilting sticks, which can be placed in height, so as to make the most of the space.

Finally, think of lighting, which must illuminate every corner of your dressing. You can choose a ceiling light, or place LED strips along the perimeter of the ceiling.

The right accessories for the wardrobe

You have almost arrived at your perfect wardrobe: the right accessories are still missing to organize your dressing.

Here’s what you should not miss, and tips for properly storing your clothes:

  • Wear clothes in the right size. Choosing the right hangers for each garment to hang is important to keep the shapes. Jackets and coats require clothes hangers with thicker ends, while flat shirts are fine for shirts. Choose wooden hangers if possible, while metal ones should be avoided. If you have children, you will need to equip yourself with mini size hangers.
  • Boxes. As if there were no tomorrow! Better rectangular and labeled, they will be your salvation. Store scarves, gloves, hats and anything else in religious order by category and by season.
  • Garment bags. They are useful for storing clothes at the end of the season. The canvas ones are ideal, they allow the fabrics to breathe and are machine washable.

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