Open space and smart, the kitchen of the future at the center of the house

Open space and smart, the kitchen of the future at the center of the house

The new trends confirm that the cuisine of 2020 will be convivial, open space and smart. Conviviality means that the moment of food preparation is cooler when shared with family and friends, and meals are often consumed around the central island, between the preparation of one course and another. In the kitchen you work at the computer, children play or do homework, watch your favorite movies without pausing to make popcorn. Now the open-plan kitchen has replaced the living room as a representative room of the house.

Here are some tips on how to integrate the kitchen in the living area in style.

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Islands and peninsulas protagonists

In the open kitchen, the island or the peninsula are undoubtedly protagonists. In small spaces, these elements, equipped with a snack counter or a lower level shelf, replace the dining table.

In larger spaces, the island becomes the central element around which all the furniture develops. Multifunctional, from the kitchen side it is often equipped with a sink or hob, while on the living side it accommodates chairs and/or shelves for books and other objects.

In the open space, especially if the island houses the hob, the main problem is that of placing the hood.

In fact, not all cooker hoods can be installed in the center of the room, and even if the hob is placed against the wall, aesthetics today dictate that the technical elements be as invisible as possible. In the latter case, you can opt for a retractable kitchen, with doors that can be closed if necessary.

A very valid alternative is to choose a specially designed hood to be positioned above the island or a model integrated to the hob.

Also in the sink area, models are available integrated to the worktop, as are the induction hobs, two elements that blend into the kitchen structure, becoming virtually invisible.

Integrated kitchen and living finishes

The kitchen and living room interact in a perfectly integrated fluid space, thanks to the finishes that the two environments share. Modular and customizable, kitchens now offer the possibility of creating compositions suitable for every need.

Forget the compact kitchens of the past years: the use of multifunctional furniture and the combination of different materials is very trendy and adds dynamism to the environment, also with a view to integrating the open space finishes. This is why wood is experiencing a moment of grace: it is perfect for both kitchen and living room furniture. If you are not a Total Wood lover, play with contrasts with other colors and materials. Wood matches perfectly with all trendy colors and materials, such as concrete and metal.

Columns instead of wall units

In the open-plan kitchen, it is preferable to replace, if possible, the wall units with the columns.

The worktop surmounted by light shelves or left empty gives lightness and helps to camouflage the kitchen. The columns are perfect to hold the equipment and dishes. They are roomy, allowing you to insert recessed elements such as a refrigerator, oven, and microwave, and the finishes can be coordinated with the furniture in the living room.

They can be made lighter by alternating closed and open modules, or by choosing rounded, elegant and very trendy shapes.

Smart devices

The functionality of the kitchen is now guaranteed by smart devices and appliances, which are increasingly available to everyone.

Almost all brands have integrated their appliances with devices and applications for remote control and to connect them to electrical networks or voice assistants.

Hood, refrigerator, oven, hob, dishwasher, small appliances and even entertainment products such as TV, radio and HiFi system dialogue with each other to facilitate daily routines and ensure efficiency, safety, and comfort.

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