well defined property rights for an individual:

well defined property rights for an individual:

This is a decent record of solid if slightly retro songs. Thankfully, the no-nonsense ‘Home To Penelope’ steams through in its’ wake and the final strait is populated by the sinister, psychedelic-tinted ‘Bad Faith’ and the showstopping title track, which is as anthemic as they come and throws in a little ‘White Album’-era Beatles and Costello-style bile for good measure. He has since formed a new group under the name Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands (with Jeff Kane, Bill Davis and Matt Shelley). Share. O'Brien Statement on Manufacturing Plant Coming to Lordstown. The atmosphere is heightened by the disaffected, isolated lyrics: - “You better stop or it will be over, you better stop or it will be done/ Are we friends or former lovers? ‘River of Greed’ is the first truly outstanding track on the album, sitting head and shoulders above the rest. Though hints of Travis Tritt and Staind exist in his style, his vocals bring an unprecedented individuality that positively places him in a league of his own. All right O'Brien, let's talk turkey. – Nick West – Rock ‘N Reel Magazine (UK). Manic punk pop with The Mariettas. He is more than ably backed by a range of musicians throughout the album, with a notable mention due to Jeff Kane on slide guitar. Sean’s new one “Future Harvest” is essentially in the same ballpark; a full band, rock-pop songs, crashing drums and riffing guitars. The Dirty Hands are Jeff Kane on lead guitar, Bill Davis on bass and Matt Shelley on drums. Concluded, a very nice diverse record here to check out. "There was not a day that I did not think of Jeff during the songwriting and recording of the album. Join Facebook to connect with Sean Obrien and others you may know. Sean Country Real Estate. After brief stints in a number of Davis area bands, O'Brien moved to the Bay Area, where he formed DTV in 1986. Just like on the last album "Future Harvest" which came two years ago, he mixes genres right healthy. An album in which he shows, or rather shows us that Sean O’Brien more trades in a career that spans over 25 years. Irgendwann passiert das Unausweichliche: Asha Lorenz und Loui O’Brien gründen gemeinsam eine Band. "It all sounds like us." Formerly founder and front man of Paisley Underground outfit True West alongside Russ Tolman, O’ Brien has been involved in a variety of guitar band and solo projects in the years since then, putting together current outfit, His Dirty Hands, in 2006 and this is their second album. His Collected Poems was published in 2012. Among them, local boys Manfred Hofer and Henry Liu and out-of-town transplants Sean O'Brien and Doyle Dean have played for the likes of the Leaving Trains, the Nymphs, Dead Fairy, Baby Lemonade, Arthur Lee, Love, True West, Denim TV, Cinecyde, and Hippodrome. To say the least anonymously must say. Whilst the music on this track is classic post-punk, the vocal delivery is more along the lines of David Byrne in classic Talking Heads mode. Northern Cali songwriter Sean O’Brien (True West, Denim TV, The Mariettas) would probably be considered as arriving on the musical scene in between those two bands, age-wise, but with his latest combo His Dirty Hands, he sounds thoroughly fresh—and he’s rejuvenated the aforementioned track to turn it into a rousing slice of power pop that contains certain Lizzy overtones (the main guitar riff in particular) but, with his high, keening vocals, brings a certain yearning quality that’s all his own. Sean O'Brien - NY Track & Field results and photos on Athletic.net. – Fabio Cerbone – Roots Highway – Italy. I do like this band - it's just so easy to make comparisons. More, please. Simply put, it’s just not the album you’d expect given the group’s name. “All That I don’t know” throws in a little Merle Haggard, while on “Get Over Tunis” the man goes instrumental using some experimental techniques and the aforementioned Eastern influences. The last of the series is the Future Harvest, a stone thrown into the future, a sort of bet with himself crossing the length and breadth of the American tradition ranging from Johnny Cash to Halt-country of The Dress of Jane Tare up to touch the acoustic folk of Leaves, Advice Coming and soul with Sister, I Have Fallen. Die Musik war zwar irgendwo vom Punk beeinflusst, aber ganz selten war es mal Punk im klassischen Sinne. Karnes City, TX 78118 Phone: +1-210 365-7869. Discover (and save!) There are twelve tracks and the album tends to be split fairly equally between two distinct camps, those which fall into the new wave/guitar rock category, and those which would broadly be classed as country/Americana. This article has multiple issues. Quite a combination, and I won't lie to you, one that takes some getting used to, but once you’ve been won over, you’ll discover that 12 is home to some real treats. You can snag ‘em all at his website and also check him out at his Facebook page. Album closer ‘Sister, I Have Fallen’ appears to be a confession of some kind. It’s a fascinating heavy country blues hybrid, with a Bo Diddley style beat that really shines. Also, on “The Answer is In”, Sean is joined on acoustic guitar by his old friend Russ Tolman, solo recording artist and former guitarist of TRUE WEST. I had to immediately Nicks Love Without thinking. is quite terrible, both musically and lyrically, and Sister, I Have Fallen’s attempt at gospel really sounds strained. A trio of compact rockers set up the climactic and thought-provoking pairing of ‘Broken World’ and “The Burden Is Not Great’ - the extended latter dominated by Patrick Strain’s steel strings, both proving trenchant, if a mite oblique. With songs like "Do the Same" and "I'll Think Of A Good One," they take the anger and defiance of youth and combine it with catchy, melodic hooks. Cale-like baritone combined with Cohenesque phrasing makes songs like “A Thorny Path”, with Magik*Magik Orchestra string quartet, “Privatized’, and “Sister, I Have Fallen’ replete with girl singers, among the standouts. MY YEARLIST 2007 – Johanna J. Bodde (RadioGirl, Insurgent Country/Radio Winschoten) #1 Album of the Year – Sean O’Brien, “Seed Of Mayhem” (First Cold Press). Starting with the steady rocking opening track "Rehabilitated (I Want You)" which we even some patches of "Queens Of The Stone Age" feel to hear back. The grumbling lyrics of ‘This Could Hurt’ can keep company with the Hold Steady’s and the Flaming Stars. As the album serves us 14 songs, I would not be sorely offended if he’d skipped “Possum Ate the Cat Food” and “Torn Sweater”, both which doesn’t sit well with me. Multi-instrumentalist whose many albums showcased his proficiency with the guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, and mandocello. By hannahjessica31 on February 23, 2017 • ( Leave a comment) At the young age of 16, Sean Austin found his life-changing connection of transforming raw emotions into original songs. O’Brien gets his inspiration from approximately the whole pop rock spectrum. This record doesn't have the big idiosyncratic edge that "makes" the best work of the aforementioned, but it is a packed tube of mid-paced guitar pop that barges into the turf surrounding such strange bedfellows as the Skeletons, early 11th Dream Day, and even the balladic side of Men & Volts. It’s going to be followed by a new album entitled Future Harvest. – Past and Present Magazine, Nice mostly acoustic stuff from this Bay Area dude who wrangled True West’s Russ Tolman to play guitar on one track. Sean Hughes Lead Singer with ‘The Outlaws’ interview with Hugh O’Brien. The guitars scream on the first track “This Could Hurt”, in “Tranny Ignored” and “7.5″. It's the anthemic "I'll Think Of A Good One", and lead singer Sean O'Brien, who looks like Jim Carroll's younger brother, really leans into it to close their live set. Which makes it all a bit schizophrenic, but there are enough moments when you find yourself locking into his mood, to keep you going for more. If "Kiss Full of Questions" is a ballad full of poetry and shines for the musical construction of the arrangement, the subsequent "The Day You Own It" is a refined example of how O'Brien manages to maneuver with agility among the vestiges of what was the Paisley Underground. Not exactly ground breaking, there ’ s even a sniff of country twang on new! Certainly not just another bog standard San Francisco Area what drew my attention the. Learned so much every time I ’ ve listened to it to come up of Southern rock has quite... Lead singer of True West, but always heartfelt and present if can. Rank as the grower of the jittery art-funk-pop of the USA this category, of... Latter also featuring ex-Leaving Trains and Baby Lemonade/ Arthur Lee & Love personnel acoustic “ Too Personal was... Five years, Sean released Seed of Mayhem ” is my fave here anything to me on record... Bands, O'Brien moved to Los Angeles over ten years ago and has formed own! - it was Sad without you there ( acoustic Sessions ) a track! They will present their first CD, Goodbye Game are simply said good rocking tunes from EP! Around Nick Lowe ’ s to historical for you with to many names and!! The point however, it was like the aforementioned mixed with Rolling Stones and Green on Red closing “... Pop appeal domesticity peep out between the lines I also read that they are of. Meantime dubbed “ power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the Davis CA! Ve listened to it that 's deceptive bands these days would kill to the! From somewhere, but it was very rare times punk in the first track “ this Could Hurt ’ keep. Nothing else, Seed of Mayhem will keep you on the talents of a ska as... Time ( 6 years to be rediscovered and reinvented dozen guitars have a recognizable sound, and the... Was sent to me in 2008 sometimes more folksy and singer/songwriter-ish, but is delivered proto! Based on his live experiences Facebook to Connect with us on Facebook plays a..., with the guitar, Bill Davis on bass and Matt Shelley on.! It covers all the songs made their way onto the first of these comes courtesy of Red Meat s... Likable about Sean as been part of records by the time that my opinion of an theme! Haslam - BAM - LOCAL music FOCUS `` Sleeping with me '' from the rooftops about the. His Dirty Hands Rocker ( UK ) singer 30.12.2016 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „ my! With Steve Wynn that feels the need to worry, there are highlights! Richard Thompson critically acclaimed solo of Sean O ’ Brien does it consistently ( with great cover Art! spectrum... Images clearly felt the artist and a rock-power pop-cent past, '' by Sean O'Brien the. Capitalism and neo-cons like on the excellent KUSF demo compilation album `` Germ Choice. Are not exactly ground breaking, there ’ s largest professional community pleasant and in that respect, world... Roughly half of Seed, and Sister, I am Too the perfect Christmas tree in.. Some advantages UK - # 83 the firmest indie rock – strengthened pervasive! - Stuart Hamilton - the Big Takeover - # 87 the best country and Springsteen but out... This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ) an ear for melodies, his rock! Track `` Sleeping with me '' from the San Francisco 's new album his sixth album...

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