Change the look of the bedroom with linen

Change the look of the bedroom with linen

Sometimes it takes very little to change the look of a room. For example, it may be sufficient to renew the fabrics, a valid and inexpensive loophole.

In the bedroom, the options are many, and you can take advantage of the change of season to renew the linen. Today the bed is the main element of the room: the most current trends see it dressed in numerous coordinated cushions, bedspreads, and throws.

Bedspreads, quilts, and duvet covers

The central role, in the furnishing of the bed, undoubtedly plays with bedspreads, quilts and duvet covers. Depending on the color and the pattern we choose, we will combine cushions and other elements.

The traditional bed is dressed with the classic sheets above and below, with a heavy blanket in the cold months or with a light quilt in the mid-seasons. In this case, to change the look of the bedroom you can play with the sets of sheets and pillowcases, to choose in colors coordinated or in contrast with those of pillows and blankets. If you are among those who use bedspreads, perhaps to cover a slightly dated blanket or quilt, you just need a couple to alternate according to the season.

The most practical and versatile choice is certainly that of those who love to sleep wrapped in a soft duvet. With the duvet cover sets, in fact, changing colors and combinations of bed linen is quick and practical and allows you to renew the look at every weekly change.

Moreover, dressing the bed with the duvet has advantages also from the point of view of well-being: it is light, soft and breathable, and allows you to obtain the perfect temperature for a comfortable rest.

My advice is to choose quality products, such as the Dreamin’101 duvet covers, which in addition to being packaged with high-quality fabrics are equipped with the exclusive flippin’ simple which facilitates the insertion of the duvet and fixes it packed.

Pillows and pillows

The headboard of the Spartan bed, with only the pillows, is by now decidedly démodé. The trendy bed is full of cushions of different sizes and shapes, which form a scenic backdrop. Even the most minimalist can not give up at least one pillow to accompany the pillow.

This offers a golden opportunity to change the look while having fun matching the pillowcases. You can play on the colors, in contrast, or coordinated, or on the materials, putting side by side the cotton to the raw linen or the knitted wool.

The Dramin’101 furnishing cushions are perfect to create a soft and scenographic headboard. The choice varies between the elegant textures of the linen, the delicate fabrics in cotton voile or the soft tricot wool, in natural colors or in sophisticated trendy colors.

Blankets and throws

To complete the furnishings of the bed, blankets and plaids cannot be missing. Folded at the foot of the bed or draped with apparent nonchalance, the blankets, or throws, as well as warming and cuddling, give that extra touch of style for a sophisticated look.

In winter, wool, fabric or knitted blankets will be perfect; in summer choose light linen covers, while the more resistant synthetic fiber plaids are the ideal solution if you have children or animals in your home.

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