Architect in the cellar: visits to design wineries

Architect in the cellar: visits to design wineries

A great collective event spread throughout the territory and, above all, the first example in Italy of a project aimed at enhancing wine, design and tourism, the flagships of the Bel Paese’s creativity and excellence.

The Toscana Wine network, with the support of the Florence Architects Foundation, has planned a journey through the places of production of great wines united by the presence of architectural structures designed by great masters of architecture.

All the itineraries include a guided visit by an architect to the winery, a presentation of the Toscana Wine Architecture network and wine tasting. Furthermore, each winery will decline the visits according to a different program, including emotional videos, tasting of special vintages or limited edition bottles, conferences, thematic exhibitions.

The cellars

The wineries included in the network are 14 and stand out for their aesthetic attention combined with respect for the environment and the man who works there: some are integrated into the territory, others emerge in the skyline as points of reference, but all perfectly combine the shape with function, telling the culture and history of the places, which the architects were inspired by. Let’s see some of them:

Cantina Petra – Mario Botta

The first to face the design of a winery in the Tuscan territory was the maestro Mario Botta. Built-in the Tuscan Maremma, in Suvereto, the Cantina Petra is a modern building, for technological efficiency, and at the same time archaic, due to the symbolism that characterizes it.

Rocca di Frassinello – Renzo Piano

Also in the Maremma, there is the cellar designed by another great master of Architecture, Renzo Piano. Sober, minimalist and extremely functional, it looks like a modern museum in the parts dedicated to the reception and the exhibition area, while the actual wine cellar, the so-called barricade, recalls in the structure a Greek theater, where the tiers are occupied by the barriques where the wine refines itself.

Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia – Piero Saratoga

According to the program, the architect who designed it, the master Piero Sartogo, will lead the visit. Semi-buried in the hill, it recalls, according to the official description, “a ship pointing towards the sea in search of new horizons”. In fact, of all the Frescobaldi estates scattered all over Tuscany, that of the Ammiraglia, the most modern and recognized as a “temple of design”, rises in Maremma, not far from the sea.

Colle Massari Winery – Edoardo Milesi

The company headed by the Tipa brothers, whose production is guaranteed and certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), is one of the most prestigious in Tuscany and includes among its wines such as DOCG Montecucco in Alta Maremma, DOCG of Brunello di Montalcino and Morellino di Scansano. For the expansion of the existing cellar, the owners could not but choose one of the main exponents of bioarchitecture, the architect Edoardo Milesi. Natural materials such as untreated cedar wood, ventilated and breathable façades of the latest generation, use of natural resources such as sun, wind, water, and zenithal light, in addition to the purity of form and the care of every detail, have earned the building the Sustainable Architecture Award in 2006.

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