4 original ways to decorate the walls of the house

Decorating the walls of your home may seem like an easy task, but surely many of you will have tried a creative block in front of a bare wall.

Often we simply lack ideas, or we are assailed by a thousand doubts about which objects to hang, how many and in what order. In this article, you will find a useful tutorial on how to hang paintings on the walls without reducing the wall to a Gruyère cheese, but in today’s post, I propose 4 creative ideas that do not concern only paintings.

Did I get you curious? Let’s see the proposals one by one.

Paintings yes, but down to earth

There are many ways to hang paintings, but in general, it is limited to small portions of the wall, with the result that the decoration appears a little obvious. To get out of the choir, you have to dare with something different. Why not try filling an entire wall with paintings and prints, reaching the floor? If you are afraid of overloading the wall, be inspired by the images I have selected: look at how the environment takes on a pleasant and original appearance.

If you want more help to decorate the walls of your home, I recommend an interactive platform dedicated to interior design where you can find, in addition to thousands of recommended products, a forum for users in which to ask the help of an expert for any doubt. Take a look at the section on wall decorations, and if you find what is right for you, save the ideas in your account and take inspiration from the projects shared by the professionals, before making a decision.

Dishes like you’ve never seen them before

Remember the walls with the dishes hanging in the homes of your grandmothers? Don’t worry, I’m not proposing a decoration that is dated and not very suitable for furnishing your homes, but solutions that deviate somewhat from the norm.

Look what an impact the decoration of this kitchen, made with the dishes that the owners have collected over time. Nothing to do with grandma’s house, do you agree?

For the most demanding palates, there is the refined design of Fornasetti, which in these photos decorate a classic style living room and an industrial kitchen.

Put your favorite collection on the wall

There are people who love to collect objects, from the most common to the most unusual. The problem with the collections is that, unless you can afford a “wunderkammer”, you don’t know where to put them, with the result that often the beloved trinkets end up locked in a drawer or, worse, relegated to the attic.

A solution could be to create a gallery of collectibles on your walls. If it seems a bizarre and impractical idea, take a look at the images I have chosen, including the cover photo.

Decorating the walls of your home with your heart collection not only enhances the interior but shows the objects in an original way and allows you to look at them whenever you want.

Before leaving, one last tip: take a ride on Pinterest and launch a search on the decoration of the walls, you will find a world of inspiration. If you want you can start from my Interiors-Walls bulletin board.

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